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“Springhill is growing…face” “I like reading what you write Dana, but my wife won’t let me watch movies,” –A Reader, who said this to me, it’s charming; absolutely charming, because, usually my lead is a sentence quote off a movie that seemed catchy, current, cathartic- in an attempt to grab the short attention of young folk. The person who said this to me, now you see the deliberate use of a non-gender term there, right (?), the person who said this to me, was completely in earnest, as they followed it up with, “I don’t know where you come up with all them words at, but I like reading them, it’s just that not knowing the movie, I’m not really certain what you’re saying.” You can imagine the mind of your writer, in which was a lightning like plethora of, “so the meaning isn’t clear?” Tried to move thoughts to my lips- “Funny you voted for Mr. “you’re fired,” under the same context, hope you’re as happy with him in a few months.” Or, “Oh my goodness, can’t you just imagine if my wife told me I couldn’t watch a movie? It’d be like a human becoming the speed of light flying back to my study and turning on that very movie!” I uttered none of those supposedly clever things, why, why wouldn’t I say such things to someone? Maybe because some things are better thought than said? Because I’ve read “The Prince,” by Niccolò Machiavelli; therein realizing how akin my position as a writer and the politician are? Because I like my friend and if I said any of those things, while they might humorously enlighten they might also be insulting, which would never be my heart on the matter. Because at the end of the day one of the few things that bring enjoyment to my life is, knowing and very well, that if my articles aren’t published people actually call the paper and ask why they weren’t? You’ve no idea how glorious that feeling is, but oh how I pray you might, and soon. Oh I know, “get over it Dana, don’t get the big head,” sure I agree with you, but on the other hand, it brings a smile to my countenance, knowing what it does to those who despise me, but so seldom to my face.
Economic development consulting used to bring a smile to my physiognomy, that’s no longer the case because in the short time of my association with the folks who supposedly are doing that for communities, it’s been my horror to see the absolute lies being foisted on the ones who want to serve and help, by those who want to politically control and lie. My wife says that it’s not good to say such things, but the truth is, lots of funds are promised, few are delivered. The very worst mistreatment of those who volunteer seeking to help and make things better is for their well-intentioned service to be used by those with presumed and often appointed power, to control lives by giving and taking away of funds. How clearly you allow yourself to see such, to see the good that can come from merely thousands invested correctly into a young business, that will then take such and turn it into more and more thousands. Opposed to when monetary support is promised, even allocated, and then at the last minute, suddenly and inexplicably disappeared, can’t help but effect your smiling or frowning. Economic development was an outgrowth of massively funded programs under the war on poverty; yes it’s true some want to say its roots go back to Ellen S. Woodward and the Roosevelt administration, unfortunately, that’s a different set of futures called social security, whereas, economic development was a cornerstone to the war on poverty. It is true that poverty haunted the President who came from it, and declared war on it; you could see it in his face.
My readers time is so important to me that in every article it’s my joy to discover a zinger, something that most folks don’t usually consider, and then to ask that question. Sometimes the concepts are deep, sometimes they might seem deep to me, and that might mean they are shallow to my average reader, it’s difficult to say, depth in concepts is always a challenging philosophical point of contention. Having philosophical points of contention should flood over into areas which are even deeper and more resolute, let’s speak quietly now, of the future of you; and, we, even, do we have a future? We can almost get the past straight, in which my contention is that we rarely actually do, even those who claim to scholar history, in nearly every instance, skew the ultimate report; and history isn’t actually up for discussion, is it? The future, by contrast, most assuredly must be, so, the human who believes they have a soul, and the human who believes that such a belief is medieval, have a point of philosophical contention, don’t they, but in reality, isn’t it far deeper? Isn’t there a place in every person where they know, they don’t know? Weren’t Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham, hence, the JoHarri window concept, correct? Aren’t there things that we both know about me? And aren’t there things that we both know about you? Certainly there are some that you know about me that I might not be aware of? Gamblers refer to this as a ‘tell,’ and they do exist. Of course there are things I know about you that you aren’t aware of, hence a perfectly rational writer who takes flying “Spiderman,” leaping side trips for zingers? But the area in which we all “fall down go boom,” is things neither of us acknowledge, the dark realm of denial, which exists in every person, the reason we wish we wouldn’t snicker, when we know we shouldn’t, because it’s inappropriate, and yet, we do. All played out in your face.
ISIS is on many minds in America, and the mention of that name brings an immediate reaction, we American’s aren’t fans of terror, we don’t like it, and we don’t fear it or run from it; what we will do, and are doing, is fight it. What we aren’t exactly sure of, is how. What leaders are frequently feeding us is, what they believe we want to hear, but the truth about how you fight an ideology, may not be with the sort of weapons we’d like? Get your hands on a very short and powerful read called “War and Anti-War,”** you owe it to your future, your grandkids future, and your smiling face.
Dr. Dana C. Richardson, Th. D. drd4u.co & Dr. Steve Broe, bestselling author of, “Leaders in Transition.”
**”War and Anti-War,” Alvin and Heidi Toffler, available through many online sources.

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