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“No, I was hoping we’d have more time together,” –Zelda, “Z: The beginning of everything.”  A different time, therefore, a different people, or would it be better to say, there was F. Scott Fitzgerald, and indeed he was a different person?  The Latin’s are said to view it as “Post Hoc Ergo Proctor Hoc,” because of something before, something comes after.  This drama talks of the time before, World War I, the people who lived in a time where life was; is it possible to say, more precious than it is now?  How does the value of something as spectacularly and singularly valuable as life, get devalued?  Different people say it in different ways but they all say that we value what we know we cannot, or might not, have.  We value what we believe we might lose?  We value that which is rare, not because we might attain it, but because we won’t.  That thirst for value doesn’t decrease when won’t becomes can’t,  if you were to put it on a meter, that scale would go up markedly from won’t to can’t, and so it is that we value the spirit to excel, to grow to win; and above all, the courage to look beyond negative reasoning.

Economic development is the suitors thinking,  a vast value to the community of turning around small business ventures that are failing or will fail, if, and that’s an enormous if, they and the community will take the increased knowledge and understanding provided and put it to use.  It gives one pause to realize that an average small business owner needs at a minimum 16 hours of computer science, with specific emphasis on the upgraded use of social media as global info-sales communications networks.  If what you just read doesn’t communicate meaning to you, guess what that indicates?  If a single bit of useful knowledge could take your small business from future demise, to future wealth, wouldn’t that be useful to get hold of?  The trouble small business owners run into is time, more than trust, time becomes the one element which they can’t control and they have little of it.  The absolute beauty of economic development consultants is that they know how to perform in tandem, rather than ego- mode, that takes reasoning.

Wives; aren’t they wonderful? Mine acts like an engine to the slow moving truck of my laziness, or, when I get totally fired up, but going down the wrong channel, she acts like an anchor to the speedboat that would hit the rocks.  Wives can be wonderful, so can husbands, the relationship can be very productive, but it has to be a relationship?  My clearest memories of our former active duty Marine, (because once Semper Fi, always Semper Fi, am I right?) gunner sergeant fog horned voice coach, were when he would start by calling us boys his “men.”  “Men,” and he’d have a twinkle in his eye, “if you can ever learn to play as one, to play as a unit, to relate as one active group, a team; you will be impossible to beat.”  Impossible to beat, isn’t that what F. Scott shot for, a place where the people were so big that they were impossible to beat?  Isn’t that what tight relationships are, impossible to beat?  You don’t get there by being egotistical, thinking of yourself, worrying and fretting about what will take place for you;  that shuts off the channel for relating.  Again, here’s a term that has its own definition within it, anytime I see the little “re” in front of a word my suspicion is that it is a term with a root active and it’s being done over again?  Lation, think lotion with a long ‘A’ sound, means transportation or conveyance.  So when two people do a transportation or conveyance over and over, they are relating.  When they do it long enough, they are seen by others as being in a relationship.  Relationships are the only things that will keep and protect you when the end comes, and you can take this Biblical truth to the bank, every person has an end coming. For some people its like my friend the football coach who had eight successive state championships, taught two pro football players, coach literally influenced thousands upon thousands of people told me, “you and I are so much alike, we have so many things that we like the same, I’m glad we’re friends.”  It wasn’t but about four months after that he went to God’s kingdom, where today I believe he is explaining to God why my mess will turn out O.K.  I just hope and pray he didn’t see me rooting for Dallas this last go round; he wasn’t a Cowboy’s fan…which I half suspect was all tongue in cheek. Here’s a weird relational truth my Christian readers, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing everyday for those that you call your brothers and sisters.  You’re supposed to be seeing the log in your eye first, before trying to explain to an ultimately gracious God why the splinter in your brother or sister in Christ’s eye, isn’t that big a deal. Do that for a few prayers, and watch what it does to you.  That’s why F. Scott knew he served a God who taught His created, that imperfect we are; learn we can for relating we can build, because together we do reasoning.

Imagine the honor of teaching human behavior to some folks younger than you, less trained than you, who actually wanted to understand it?  Imagine that truly understanding human behavior is the key to every lock in every situation.  Imagine that economic development consultants learn, through ongoing training, through webinars, through constant forced reading of constantly edgy material, what it means to globalize such, and now imagine that the people who own small businesses don’t have that time and situational ability, because they don’t.  The key, the absolute, one hundred percent, perfect in an imperfect world, key, to success is, understanding human behavior.   We tend to believe that we’re so complex, in truth, we aren’t complex, we’re rather simple, and we just hate to admit it.  Folks who want to argue against this reality constantly insist that we have free will, which is true, but when you discuss two aspects of the abstract of that process called free will, guess what, it’s not free and usually it’s not will.  Abstracting isn’t some weird paint thrown up on a canvas, abstracting is getting to the simple foundational component, and in the abstract if you are put into a freezing room, you’re gonna want a coat.  You reading this who wants to argue with me about that, read Victor E. Frankl “Man’s Search for Meaning,” then it’s ok to visit my website and comment that you didn’t realize that was reasoning

Dr. Dana C. Richardson, Th. D. drd4u.co & Dr. Steve Broe, bestselling author of, “Leaders in Transition.”

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