Springhill is Growing …Angles

“I think 14 billion years ago there were some scientists, and they were…”  Joe Rogan, “Live at the Tabernacle,” Joe would offend some, because he curls back the edge of raw when it comes to language?  But as the progenitor of a show called “The Fear Factor,” Rogan accomplished so much more than what folks could allow for such a show.  It forced us to see ‘things.’  There is an enormous amount of envy toward someone like Mr. Rogan, who is not only brilliant, he writes his material, and it covers Ph.D. level reasoning at a rate of speed that is truly hilarious, and would be even if it went a little bit slower, but funny.  His is a land of ideas, the realm of knowledge, it challenges us to adjust, quickly, and reshapes what we presume, in every safe area from gender tampering to Mountain Lions killing dogs, Rogan reviles and constantly attacks the walls that the comfortably numb have come to enjoy as they defend that they know all there is to know. That’s unfortunate because it takes them into the dark missing hilarious lightly tuned angles.

Economic development can adjust to an allowed perspective that has some humor in it.  That humor is usually viewed in different ways depending upon which side of the dollar view you’re taking. The down side, where a dollar looks huge, as you think about how nice it would be to have some more, or upside where you’re contemplating how to get past the I.R.S. in the grand game of “I got mine, now, watch me keep it!”  Dollars float through your life at a rate that if you stop to think about it, will peel the bottom off your sneakers, which, used to cost, thirty years ago, a tenth of what they do today.  Thirty years ago we went into a shoe store, my son got embarrassed, deeply embarrassed, because he showed me some sneakers, I saw the price, and the clerk was there as I busted out laughing.  It was a gut laugh, I was in hysterics because I couldn’t help thinking, “not even close, nothing like that should cost even close to this.”  The sales guy got mad,  “I’ll have you know,” he says, “that these are…” and he prattled off the brand, now, he didn’t realize, didn’t matter to me, as he got told, “dude- ain’ no sneaker on earth worth what steaks for the whole family at Ruth’s might run.”  And I was serious as my son said, “dad, c’mon dad…folks are staring dad,” I guess they weren’t used to people laughing like that in a sneaker shop?  Reset…do over, because, today, non-name brand sneakers cost that- who missed the right angles?

Humor like a great diamond, has lots of facets, all shiny.  Dark humor, cynical and cutting, has those same facets and they also shine, but in turn they reflect, like split mirrors throwing the image of us back at us multiplied many times over.  We all have both sorts of diamonds in our inner workings, some have more bright shiny, happy, positive style humor, and others have more of the reflective, less bombastic, and somewhat introspective. As we choose to accept it, reject it or change it; that style of humor is gonna show up, it always does.  We make massive assumptions in every aspect of our lives, and we make those assumptions based on what we consider to be the past, which is interesting because that keeps vanishing from our present memory all along the linearity of life.  From the time we learn to crawl, an evolving state from having things delivered to us based on harassing the system (a baby cries, mommy or dad brings stuff), we begin to forget.  The natural state of baby that controls it’s environ by shouting won’t return until sometime later when we convince someone we should be a boss.  Bosses are the ultimate weird extension of that blissful childlike state- because they believe they do lots and lots of work, which is pretty fascinating in that it is the workers who do that, so once again, the boss is in the role of the immobile protoplasm and the workers get to play mommy and dad.  All along the way, we’ve forgotten, sought to learn less, replaced memories, changed the nature of the memory, and often, changed the past entirely from something that was just barely livable to something truly joyous.  No person ever likes what does not taste good, what does not feel good, what does not satisfy, what won’t keep the person going.  So to say that “we do not evolve,” in that sense, is so stupid it’s impossible to buy into, but we’re too smart to believe wrong angles.

Shock jock comedians like Rogan provide the knife edge where we laugh in reflection of what is real.  He is an expert at peeling back what we think the next sentence will be, and then, wham, it’s not there.  Instead Joe pushes the edge on what we feel and can handle, even if, we can’t stand his “potty” mouth, which he would take one way, the rest of us, take it quite another.  Rogan sees and shares to thousands and thousands of people the changes which are in our midst- now this should cause you some laughter, but remember, my parents laughed at the Beatles and long hair, what are you laughing at?  Crawling out on a thin limb, my sense is most people who discuss it, haven’t actually read “Origin of the Species,” which then leads to, of those few who have, how many actually get that Darwin was trying to define observations and measures, not project a pet theory?  But also it’s important to bear in mind that unless people read what you write, it’s not going to get discussed; so how is it that Darwin’s work, rarely read, is so discussed?  Let’s crawl out on an even thinner limb, Darwin believed in God, but couldn’t reconcile what he saw with a God who intervened, in other words, our friend Dr. Darwin couldn’t make sense of miracles, and didn’t actually believe they happened, while hopping in cold water, then showering under hot to relieve migraines- uh, something I do today for the same reason, and sometimes it works, and believe me, those of us who get migraines consider that idea miraculous. Darwin didn’t research where that idea came from?  The fury and intense misunderstandings of Darwin’s proposal have led to schisms between science and theology.  Those who seek to manipulate and control love that.  They love it when we don’t listen to the logic of each other, but instead spout gas like a baby crying, then they can step in to tell us that their leadership will make it o.k.  That’s utter non sense but we’ve bought into it for so long that we actually accept the decision of the Scope’s trial which we believe they reached, not even reading the 1968 Supreme Court ruling?  Those may be life ending bad angles?

Dr. Dana C. Richardson, Th. D. drd4u.co & Dr. Steve Broe, bestselling author of, “Leaders in Transition.”

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