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“Because there are too many lawyers in Memphis, this city’s infested with them.” –The Rainmaker, Matt Damon as attorney Rudy Baylor, this might be one of the best lawyer flicks ever, it’s right up there with Erin Brockovich, but Erin’s story was a chemical that kills, turns out, it’s in the U.S. water supply, all over the place, so, those folks who snubbed Erin as being just another one of those “tree huggers,” might wanna suck it up, she was right!  The Rainmaker is insurance, and amusingly, ironically, or not; health insurance, about which Matt Damon as lawyer Rudy Baylor goes up against the behemoth insurance company representing a regular person like you or I.  It’s a great one in my mind because the honesty of the subject, slithering health insurance companies, is one with long lasting implications.  There is every reason to believe, however, that the impact of this movie was that folks suggested the industry of health insurance needed looking into.  John Grisham as an author blew me away because the thought that he would leave a successful career as a lawyer to become a writer of novels, was beyond my ability to reason.  Imagine that your making millions, but you decide to go another way, that to me is one deep decision, it’s like stepping off into the dark to find ghosts.

Economic development suggests it’s possible to influence business so that it will do better.  What is a bit tricky is determining what better is?  Is better a growth in on hand funds?  Is better the ability to expand the employee base to help functionality?  Is better the overall paradigm going from local to regional to national and then the big jump, international.  The suggestion is that somebody who is trained in economic development would understand what that international business amounts to, hard fact, many don’t.  Hard fact is many people who are playing consultants in the economic development field are not keeping pace with the needs of their clients, not because they are aren’t good thorough smart folks, but because the field itself is like sand on the beach, shifting with the tides.  It’s in a very real sense like folks who believe they understand social media, without training; there they are, thinking that things are going a certain way, when in fact, because of the rules of social media, oops, they aren’t.  This happens many times when folks who work over the internet try to advance their already successful web based business into the realm of social media, and find out, wow wee, is it ever a loaded field, walking on dynamite and danger is ever present for business.  International business via the social media is even further down that line, which is why it’s important that whomever you work with in consult about web based business, social media and international commerce have a minimum of at least a months’ worth of review and substantial peer based review training of which approximately 80 or more percent comes directly from web based but governmental sources.  The alternative may leave you a ghost.

John Grisham has a Facebook page; he also has an Instagram page and a Twitter page; see a pattern here?  So if a feller as successful as this great author sees some value in having social media accounts, what might that ought to mean to you?  Thing is my exposure to the law comes from decades working on the receiving end of justice, where we listened to lawyer jokes, knowing full good and well, if we messed with them too much, we’d earn their wrath, and the wrath of a lawyer can be a very daunting thing.  So when reading John Grisham at first, my entertained mind saw the characters, saw the outrage, felt the way he as an author wanted me to feel, it was glorious, then somebody told me he was a lawyer, before he was a writer.  But the book “The Rainmaker,” was too good to put down, in one day it took me down the path to rage, involvement in a lawyers life who was striving to do the right thing; and finally the lawyer winning, well after all he’d been through, Grisham best let him win!  What a book, but more, I began to get fascinated by the soul of this great man, who can spin a yarn like few others.  During this time my career changed, and after much reading, and many more John Grisham novels, the movie came out.  You know the saying “the movie is never as good as the book?” I’m not sure in this case because this movie sticks very close to the writing.  What is probably true of the atmosphere John Grisham writes about is that it has a lot of ghosts.

Springhill is growing is gonna be moving to a blog, soon, it’s already a blog sometimes, but this one is going to be consistent, contain a lot of reference material about how to write grants, where to find out grant information, how to obtain funds, who to contact all that good stuff; and as you might suspect, there will be chances on occasion for me to consult with folks; not often, because most of the time, we’re not gonna be a good fit, that’s true of every situation – sometimes, however, you might be the client that will.  You’ll be able to dig into this through https://drd4u.co  notice it’s not a .com it is just a little one, a .co. When my blog says you match for consulting you’ll know it, because you’ll have questions, and you’ll actually type in a comment, and then you’ll actually hear back from me- and it will be a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling; that will last about as long as they lasted for me when one of the strongest mentors on the planet, an amazing, bestselling author of “The Loved Based Leader,” Ross Quinn, used to tell me, “get over yourself.”  Haven’t managed to do that yet, how ‘bout you?  Life it would seem, isn’t filled with rainmakers?  Grisham wrote about the odd instance that occurred fictionally, so we wouldn’t start thinking that such could happen in real life, and then we hear that wispy, willowy, woebegone voice…waiflike, “truth is stranger than fiction…” Maybe you and I carry around ghosts?

Dr. Dana C. Richardson, Th. D. amazingddp.net & Dr. Steve Broe, author of, “Leaders in Transition.”

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