Absolute Honesty

Nothing is more important than knowing where you want to get to, when you want to get there, who you want with you, and what this destination for you should look like.  This is where our honest approach becomes so helpful, we allow you to go where you want, and then we bring experts alongside to help you get there.

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Basic enough that anybody "gets it."

We've been where even knowing the right question is a stretch.  Where you aren't sure about anything, and it's a very uncomfortable place to be.  As a business owner your level of discomfort is a large part of our process as we know there is no growth without a little...well...pain.  On the other hand, we're here to bring not only our talents but the talents of the very best experts into the mix with you.  We will get you there!

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Courageous we do what it takes

It isn't about the almighty buck, but no bucks isn't so cool either- so we work under the commission structure agreed before the process ever gets going.  We agree and you agree, and we're clear about how we're going to get you to the place you want to be.  Sometimes that means you may hear a truth that isn't comfortable, but ask yourself this; you've had advise before, did it change where you're at?  See what we mean, truth moves us in unique ways, we will be courageous enough to let you know when you're right, and when you're wrong (of course we also know, the customer is never wrong...right?).

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DrD and the DDP Group Consultancy Story


    We can't guaranty to always be entertaining, even professional stars sometimes make a movie that we just don't enjoy.  We can guaranty that we don't forget our roots.


    I grew up poor, you hear that a lot, most of the time it's coming from somebody who wants you to think there is something noble in sharing that with you?  I tell it to folks so they know two things, 1)  I don't try to hide that my start in life was not from the silver spoon in the mouth group- and I'm not at all ashamed to say, my folks worked and worked hard for every single thing we had.  2)  Growing up poor my reaction to "nice," is sometimes a bit "off-putting,"  I remember the first time we were invited to a dinner that was formal, with formal silver, my wife Debbie had  attended formal events, being an Army Officers daughter, she knew what they were for.  Her date, who'd never been around such, followed her lead.  Sometimes I'm a bit overwhelmed by the miracles we're surrounded by, so if you need the sort of person who isn't that way, it's been nice having you read this far, tell others the story.

   DrD exists because late in life, early thirty's I was working for some folks who loved making money off our work.  It's that simple, I answered phones, collected accounts and often managed what the boss called teams; but really with that boss, teams weren't anything but his way of pretending we were.  One day I got a call from a collection agency, it was a recording, and a bolt of fear shot up my phone service worker spine as I realized my days were numbered.  So I told my wife I was going back to school, ever faced that one?  Her answer was, "you have a family, you're not gonna get to neglect them so you can get a degree."  She was absolutely right, and my children didn't suffer as I learned, but learning is a hard task, and through all the degrees since; not one time has it been easy.  On the other hand there isn't anything better than finally finishing what you start.  Dr. Arleen Hiss, Ph.D. was my first real contact with educated people who cared about their students deeply and her question, "what are you going to do with this education?"  Drove me to understand that no matter how much lettuce you put behind your name, if you don't put it to use for others, you might as well not have it.

That's it pretty much...that's who your thinking of asking to help you.



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